I recently saw Sabrina for hypnotherapy to help me to quit smoking.  I have tried absolutely everything over the years and I have never been able to quit with motivation alone.  One session with Sabrina and I am completely smoke free. I cannot even stand the thought of smoking now and I love being a non-smoker.  Sabrina is very welcoming and professional and I felt really comfortable throughout my session.  I was quite nervous at first but she put me right at ease.  I am now enjoying living as a non-smoker and would highly recommend Sabrina to anyone with a problem that hypnosis could help - M

On way home earlier in the car I was crying singing and kinda dancing, I felt on top of the world, it's all thanks to the amazing work of an amazing lady and of course the love and support of my husband, this woman has worked her ass off n put all her emotions in it too, she has taken me from a broken depressed and anxious adult with the weight of the world literally on my shoulders, to me! Back to who I was before so much stuff happened but with much more too, I literally feel so at ease and light, with her by my side not just as a hypnotherapist but as a friend too, I know anything is possible this really is day one and words could never cover my gratefulness X X - R.A

I was at my lowest point with my depression due to my weight and death of a family member. I had never thought of hypnotherapy before but after speaking to Sabrina and how comfortable she made me feel I decided it was for me. I can't explain the difference it has made to my life, not only am I a lot more confident in myself but I have reduced my antidepressants by half. The icing on the cake is that I have lost weight and stopped craving chocolate. 
This lady is amazing, very professional and so kind and caring. I have and will recommend Serene awakenings Hypnotherapy to everyone I know.
Thank you for everything and I look forward to my next session - R.J