I have been meaning to write a blog for a few days now, however whenever I have tried something has gotten in the way.  My belief being that I wasn't meant to write a piece on grief or fear as I had planned to the last few times I have tried.  No, the universe had other plans. Today, as I awoke I picked up my phone and learnt that Dr Wayne Dyer had passed away at aged 75.  Now you may not know who this man is, and neither did I until I started my own spiritual journey a year or so ago, but he has inspired me with his words repeatedly throughout my journey.

As I began to search through some of his teachings I found one that inspired me so much I knew what I must write about today.  

'Don't die with your music still inside you. Listen to your intuitive inner voice and find what passion stirs your soul'  - Wayne Dyer

We all have a song inside of us.  Each and every one of us has a different song, a different passion, a different super power to bring to this earth.  Sometimes it is hard to find; pushed down; forgotten, but it is there within each and every soul.

And once I really began to think about this I realised that all of the topics I nearly wrote about over the past few days, all of the people who have inspired me this past week, were all singing their song, even if they did not realise it.

People often think that their song is not worthwhile, they are not a singer, an actor, a high flying business person...... so how could their song possibly make a difference?  The way you choose to live your life is part of your song.  And when we listen and look for the beauty in the song of others that's when we can really appreciate the world, the universe and all of our connections.  When we can really be thankful and abundant in all that we are and all that we have.

If we all took a little more time to notice how well that girl behind the checkouts served us today; or how that guy stood and held the door open even though you were quite a way behind and he could have let it go.  Be the first to smile to that person in the street, buy a homeless person a sandwich or a coffee.  Be kind always.  For when we are kind and grateful to those around us we encourage all of those different songs that could play so beautifully together.  

I often speak to people who do not see their worth whether that be through depression or just a lack of self belief.  They do not hear their song, but I do.  That's my super power. However if they cannot hear it themselves it will be lost.  

I know that once upon a time my song was lost, in fact I had no idea what it was but now that I do I aim to use it to encourage other's to find theirs.  Their own special qualities that so many people, including themselves will benefit from.  By changing our thoughts we can change our life.  Anything becomes possible when we realise our song and that is what I want to achieve with all of my clients.

Someone very special to me said that a song reminded them of me the other day, especially one line, 'Your melody is an art'.  So to anyone feeling lost, alone, troubled or down.  To those who feel that they have no confidence or self-belief.  You do have a song.  The most beautiful song......

'Your melody is an art' -  Sia