As my time here in Scotland  comes to and end, I am sat here with an overwhelming sense of gratitude and inner calm.  The surroundings here are almost hypnotic and I have thrown myself and my mind into them, allowing for mindfulness and meditation. 

I am learningall of the time. The beauty of this place has centred me and given me an even greater awareness, along with new ideas of how to help others on their journey to wellness.  My time here has allowed me to focus on why I am so passionate about hypnotherapy and meditation. 

YOU have the power to change.  YOU have all of the power right there in your own mind to become whatever and whoever you want to be.  And how empowering it is to know that YOU can do that.  Being able to guide people into the realisation of this, and then onwards to making the positive changes that they so desire......

This is my passion and also my privilege.

So although I shall be sad to say goodbye to this beautiful place, I am looking forward to using what I have learnt from my time here to help others.


Helping people to discover the knowledge of their own power and how to access it.